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June 12 2019


IRON FIST - Demo - CrucifyMe w Live at Wilebskis Blues Saloon St Paul MN 7 13 1986 w Live at the Cabooze Minneapolis MN 1 27 1987

REPOST Request:   This is a timely 'SPOT ON' request as last week I learn from a facebook group that our old Mpls. public assess channel 2 KTCA (PBS) is working on (finally!) a documentary movie on our little Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN) early Hardcore Punk Rock scene, with Todlachen, Final Conflict, Husker Du, Loud Fast Rules, Willful Neglect and this band Iron Fist!
I know there are some old scenesters that may see this like who did the MNPUNK website or others like 'Oak Tree' a tall dude I remember or the dude that spawned the shirt 'I'd Break My Neck To See Die Kreuzen' and they follow up on this guy in the promo here as he recovered usage of his limbs after the slam pit injury.  You got's to hear this link:
They still need contributors is why I mention it so please contact or send them stuff.  Can't wait!  They actually have Lori Barbero from Babes In Toyland who is thanked on this Iron Fist demo!  Also has Ollie Stench in the preview commenting as he later became singer for this band.
Iron Fist Link:

TROUBLE - st LP 77

REPOST Request:  Yes, this is definitely recommended for another listen as it is really good and unknown.  Thanks to Bruce and some of the other comments.   Enjoy!

MEDUSA - st LP 78

REPOST Request:  Great trippy keyboards for this old rock band.


THE FLOCK - st LP 69 w Dinosaur Swamps LP 70

REPOST Request:  Just posted their 3rd album minus an original band member but still same great unique sound from this Chicago band.  Also on a side note just re-upped Faye Lovski from last week.


Jook - Different Class LP

REPOST Request:  Now this is a classic album kind of like discovering the Jam all over again!!!!

June 10 2019


Elektra presents The Bob Crewe Generation performing STREET TALK a Suite LP 76

Very cool and interesting concept album that remnds me a bit of the Crusader's Street Life which is the longest song they ever played on the Back In The Days Of Soul playlist of hit songs.


SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  What a mint find at Good Will to get this first British Invasion after the Beatles in 63 they had the catchy and familiar title track hit.  Later became the Mindbenders for which I am quite fond of them.

VA - K-tel Presents DISCO FIRE 2LP 78 79

Double mint album compilation where you can ignore the genre reference in the title as its mainly just good music no matter how you slice it, includes:  Chic, Barry White, Stargard, C.J. And Co., T.H.P. Orchestra, Meco, Donna Summer, Parliament, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Rhythm Heritage, Samantha Song, Eruption, Trammps, Brick, Bionic Boogie, Jimmy Bo Horne, Santa Esmeralda, The Emotions, Roy Ayers, Boney M, Tuxedo Junction, Michael Zager Band and Peter Brown.

FLOCK - Inside Out LP 75

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Not all the original members of this Chicago horns band but still a pretty good release with interesting lyrics.


EARTH, WIND AND FIRE - Keep Your Head To The Sky LP 73

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Had this long ago for a quarter then just found it again in mint condition.  Contains two from the Back In The Days of Soul playlist in the title track and 'Evil' with the cool xylophones!


DOUBLE EXPOSURE - 10 Percent LP 76

Found this one also at the Good Will in mint condition and it is a cool soul album.

DIANA MARCOVITZ - Horse Of A Different Feather LP 74

Not sure where I got this one but it's unique in that she kind of talks over the music.  Saw her in Wiki on a Michael Brecker discography 76 album.


A very cool great sounding find at Good Will once again.  Great history missing link as detailed on the Wiki page.  The band is a Jamaican ska, calypso and soca band that played a crucial pioneering role in bringing Caribbean music to the world!

ALEC R. COSTANDINOS - Romeo And Juliet LP 78

This one did not have a cover for it but is quite a cool post the way it ties together some past posts.  Born from an Armenian father and Greek mother, he dominated the Euro-disco genre in the late seventies.  He was responsible for the two Love and Kisses albums we have posted here before as well as writing the title track of the disco film/comp. also posted here called 'Thank God It's Friday'.  He was writer, publisher and musician for the Aphrodite's Child album posted here with Vangelis (also here at the blog) and this album posted here has been credited with bringing the concept album to dance music.  See the Wiki write-up for more details.

Ruby Stone - Stone Junkie LP 71 w Ruby Starr And Grey Ghost LP 75 w Smokey Places LP 77 w Grey-Star LP 81 as Grey-Star - Telephone Sex LP 83

REPOST Request:  She hung with Black Oak Arkansas and Dr. Hook and those kind of bands.  My old neighborhood record store has recently completed a basement shrine to Black Oak Arkansas which has got me watching old footage on, way better as a live band!

fIREHOSE - RAGIN', FULL ON 86 CD w If'n 87 CD w Sometimes, Almost Always 12 EP 88 w fROM OHIO 89 CD

REPOST Request:  I saw their first 8 tours at First Ave and was in the 'Walking the Cow" video shoot they did after a show, plus many Mike Watt solo tours and with Eddie Vedder that I have posted.  I used to give my little brother music to play bass to when I moved back to my folks house last few years of college.   I started with the first RHCP reoord that he learned slap bass too and then fed him this stuff and he said 'From One Cums One' was a very cool and tricky bass part to learn.  I kept feeding him Brother's Johnson records I was getting for a quarter and he went out and bought 'Louis Johnson's" slap bass instructional video and became a great bassist.  I have more on CD but currently since I broke my spindle on my laptop (that has ripping freeware on it) I have not yet bought a new external hard drive per the non-helpful Geek Squad survey of the damage.
Link 1 of 2:
Link 2 of 2:


D. GREENFIELD w J.J. BURNEL - Fire And Water (Eqoutez Vos Murs) LP 83

REPOST Request:  Two guys from the Stranglers and it has one of eight of their special songs which you can find all on a blog I was told.
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