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Fred Sanders - Long Time Comin'

Genre: Blues
Styles: Memphis Blues,
Modern Electric Blues
Released: 1999
Label: Mempho
File: mp3; 320 Kbps
Size: 116.0 MB
Time: 49:20 min.
Art: full covers

01. I Got a Feeling (3:24)
02. Daddy Cain (6:37)
03. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (4:20)
04. House Is Not a Home (5:06)
05. Light Bulb (3:22)
06. Bid Bad Wolf (4:13)
07. Hey Baby (3:26)
08. Who Are You (3:45)
09. How I Feel (3:41)
10. Hello Baby (5:08)
11. Rosie Ann (3:31)
12. I'm in Love (2:48)

Fred Sanders - Guitar & Vocals
Brad Webb - Rhythm Guitar
David Dunn - Bass Guitar
Tony Adams - Drums
Russell Wheeler - Keyboards
Scott Thompson - Trumpet (4,11)
Jim Spake - Tenor & Baritone Sax (4,11)
Suzanne Buell - Background Vocals (4,12)

Recorded in Memphis, TN., 1999
Produced by Brad Webb & Christian Magee
© 1999 Mempho Records

Although Fred Sanders was born in Memphis in 1939 to a musical family, it took leaving his home in order to find the blues. He left Manassas High School and served in the military in Corpus Christi, Texas from 1957 to 1959. Out of the service, but still in Texas, he explored the many facets of Blues guitar beyond the simple chords he learned early on from his older brother. Soon he was part of the Texas Blues scene and remained so until he returned home to Memphis in 1968. 'Long Time Comin'' aptly describes Fred's most recent album on Mempho Records: originally released in 1999, it was almost thirty years after his previous recording! Sanders, at one time the house guitarist at the famous Club Paradise in Memphis, has brought forth a wonderful disc that will leave you wondering how this could be his first solo effort.

According to the liner notes, Sanders has over the years played with many notables, including B.B. King, Albert King, Bobby Bland, Johnnie Taylor, as well as touring with the Memphis Blues Caravan worldwide. In addition, he can be seen just about every day of the week playing at Handy Park. Though he sports an acoustic guitar on the CD cover, this set is electric blues, in more ways than one. Sanders wrote, or co-wrote, ten of the 12 tracks (the two covers are Albert King's 'Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven' and B.B. King's 'Who Are You'). While all the songs are good, the standout tracks include the shuffles 'I Got A Feeling' and 'Light Bulb,' the funky instrumental 'Big Bad Wolf,' the Jimmy Reed-influenced 'Hey Baby,' and 'Hello Baby' (where his Texas influence is displayed). The soul-drenched 'House Is Not A Home' is also a highlight. Sanders is solid in the vocal department and plays a lean, mean guitar style that sounds like it could have been recorded in the 60s, yet still has a modern edge to it.

The band is great, capturing that Memphis sound perfectly with its sturdy rhythm section (with co-producer Brad Webb and David Dunn on bass and Tony Adams on drums) and some noteworthy B-3 work from Russell Wheeler. The production is seamless, but not slick, making you feel as if you are at the Club Paradise watching Sanders perform. This is an outstanding CD with a lot to offer for fans of blues and rhythm & blues.

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